California Thrashes till Death with Destruction

Germany would not be anything without the thrashing support of its fastest leading legends in current existence the mighty Destruction. These master thrashers have been around for over nearly a decade and continuing to reign above all others. Two years ago they raged the U.S. in support of their 2008 release “D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N." now two years later Destruction has returned in support of their newest release “Day of Reckoning”, so will it be their day of reckoning?

On the eve of May 22, Destruction were admitted back to where they once reigned Hollywood’s Key Club where nothing but stage driving and crowd surfers just willing to get into the action kept the adrenaline pumping all night long. Destruction kicked things into high gear around 11:20ish going into more than an hour long set which included;  “Thrash Till Death”, “Nailed to the Cross” "Mad Butcher", "Death Trap", "Bestial Invasion", and "Total Desaster", among newer hits "Hate Is My Fuel", and "Armageddonizer".

The set consisted a lot of crowd surfers and stage drivers when frontman Marcel Schirmer or Schmier as he liked to be called, encouraged the crowd of raging fans to come up onto the stage and jump right back off as long as it was clean and easy - but things didn't quite go as planned. Halfway through their set Schirmer's center microphone got knocked over by a drunken fan’s clumsiness causing the frontman to get some teeth knocked out.

Schirmer was not pleased but shrugged it off no problem and kept the energy fueled for the remainder of the night. As the set list was drawing to a close the band concluded with "Release From Agony” that had a guest appearance by the co-headliners before them, Heathen's guitarist Kragan Lum who thrash and burned from start to finish. Once that was all said and done, Schirmer went on about how this night did not compare to the previous ones i.e. New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, this night was Hollywood’s night to shine and as Schirmer puts it, “California is the Capital of Metal”.

All in all let us all thrash till death!

1. Curse the Gods
2. Mad Butcher
3. Armageddonizer
4. Hate Is My Fuel
5. Eternal Ban
6. Life Without Sense
7. Devolution
8. Thrash Till Death
9. Nailed to the Cross
10. Invincible Force
11. Devil's Advocate
12. Death Trap
13. Bestial Invasion
14. Beyond Eternity
15. Release From Agony (With Kragen Lum from Heathen)
16. Total Desaster

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