Get Scared – Cheap Tricks and Theatrics

If you were to put Bert McCracken front man of The Used and former front man Sonny Moore of From First to Last into a blender, you'd likely windup with front man Nicolas Matthews or what he prefers "Story teller-Nicholas" of Get Scared. Where this is going is simply this, Nicolas may possess the looks of this fellow front man but does he possess the same vocal abilities? Yes he does actually with Johnny B and Bradley Iverson on guitars and Dan Juarez drums and Rj Meza bass. Get Scared's EP "Cheap Tricks and Theatrics”, takes complete control of what every other band in current unsigned formula is pursuing in accomplishing, getting signed to a label.

So having such tunes as "Lock The Doors", "The Finer Things", and smash hit single "If Only She Knew Voodoo Like I Do", manages to show the determination that Get Scared is ever so wanting. With screaming vocal chords being used every other minute with minor clean vocal chords passing through on occasion, the guitar riffs that are layered from start to finish is the correct formula of creativity that will without a doubt make heads turn. Get Scared is surly to become the next big thing within the 2010 term unwilling without even trying.

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