Carnifex – Hell Choose Me

"GODAMN THIS WORLD.... GODAMN MY LIFE.... I DIDN'T CHOOSE HELL.... HELL CHOOSE ME!" is the precise message being stated throughout Carnifex's newest release "Hell Choose Me". With the band having been together for a solid five year run, Carnifex previous works "The Diseased and the Poisoned", (2008) delivered its maximum response but now that the past is behind them, Carnifex has chosen to move forward with a more in-depth approach through the eyes of what makes the deathcore genre come alive.

Going back to the quote given at the start this was taken from the title track that promises to give nothing but the best brutalizing intensity around. The guitar work is smooth and solid sticking directly with the music as it smoothes itself out. While the vocal chords bring out this heavy duty momentum of adrenaline it overpowers the music altogether. Now the first couple of tracks do bring out Carnifex's heavier roots but that soon evaporates, when "Heartless", breaks its silence of mellow dramatic acoustic that clearly demonstrates Carnifex's more emotional conflicts. For instance, while listening to "Heartless" may think this is that typical "emo-cry-for-help" but that isn't the case, Carnifex turns that dramatic emotional outcry and does a 360 with it -showcasing Carnfiex classy abilities returning to the older styles that made them whole.

As far as the rest of the album goes it rounds off with its heavier effects just as it had done at the start with "By Darkness Enslaved", and "The Liar's Funeral", both being the most overwhelming to consume in just one session. This in conclusion leaves the listener asking "Why did Hell choose me?"

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