Calabrese – They Call Us Death

With the constant buzz about everything in relation to Vampires what more could possibly be said? We got the Twilight die-hards and the new comers stake shredders the Vampire Diaries where everything else falls somewhere in between such as music? Indeed there are a handful of variety out there, Aiden, H.I.M. I Am Ghost, The 69 Eyes, Vampires Everywhere!, and now Arizona has gotten bitten by the Vampire bats that fly high above all the rest.

This trio being family oriented, brothers Davey (Drums), Bobby (Guitar/Vocals) and Jimmy (Bass/Vocals) – takes their last name to a higher ranking, as the Calabrese brothers tend to combine gothablilly looks with B-movie paranoia, and in-depth lyrics with a Death Rock sound, this Vampire brotherly love has maintain to terrorize us over and over again. Now in their seven year run, and the initial past far behind them, including previous releases, "Midnight Spookshow" (EP-2003) and debuting two blood soaking LPs "13 Halloweens" (2005) and "The Traveling Vampire Show" (2007), what else was there left for the brotherly Vampires to sink their teeth into? Well why not a third installment, taking the title from a fan submitted contest that was held over the net, a title was chosen entitling their third LP “They Call Us Death”.

With titles such as “The Machine of Instant Death”, “Venmonwolf”, “Summon The Beyond”, among others, we were first introduce to such tracks as “Black Anathema”, “Deep In The Red”, and “Violet Hellfire”, giving us that Vampstar taste that kept our months watering for more. These handfuls of tracks not only persist in re-capturing the classic gothabilly Calabrese trends of the past, but present us with a future welcoming message of pure “Vampire Rock”. For instance, “Summon The Beyond”, captures Davey as his finest method of drumming attics, for he manages to repeat this texture of drumming so fast in rhythm it keeps the music at a fast going rate it makes your heart felt right out of your skin. “The Machine of Instant Death”, mellows down the fast neck pace bringing down about one or two notches really showcasing both Bobby’s and Jimmy’s vocal abilities more thoroughly.

"Blood Of The Wolf", and partner in crime "Venmonwolf", both pay their debts in honoring the werewolf whose vicious crimes have tortured our hearts and souls from the inside out, these tunes repeating that same structure that was done in “Summon he Beyond”, except adding a more thought out pattern of beats that keeps the music constantly bouncy.

Calabrese is that one horror punk act that will be forever staked directly into your hearts without you ever knowing it.

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