Israeli Thrash Metallers SINNERY Release New Video For ‘An Ode (Knife Of Erato)’


Fine news for thrash metal fans the world over, as Israeli thrash metallers Sinnery have released their latest single ‘An Ode (Knife Of Erato)’, taken from their latest EP “Below the Summit”, on September 7th, 2023.

Across five tracks, they harness the essence of true thrash, delivering a sonic storm that will leave fans and critics alike gasping for breath.

The band comments: "We discovered new elements and patterns in our composition while writing An Ode that we hadn't done on our last record “Black Bile” thus continuing our broadening metal journey." adds the band.

Sinnery was formed in mid-2012 when guitarist Idan Kringel and vocalist/guitarist Alon Karnieli met at a music school in Herzliya, Israel, and were hitched together to play in a band. It didn’t lead anywhere right away, but after a few years of pursuing other interests, they eventually revived the project, and the band took the form it has today.

Sinnery believes that their existing fans will find these five tracks implement what they are all about in the most concise way yet. Rife with catchy choruses, breakneck riffage and pummeling heaviness; “Below The Summit” is their most complete work to date.

“Below The Summit” was released on September 29th, 2023, via Exitus Stratagem Records.


1. Somber
2. An Ode (Knife Of Erato)
3. We Just Want You To
4. Share This
5. Serene

The video can be found HERE.

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