BabyMetal And Dethklok Bring Co-Headliner Tour to a Sold Out Crowd in LA


BabyMetal out of Japan, have become more popular than ever, since the release of their single “Gimme Chocolate”. Over which, they have gone on to play in the U.S. several times over, including a show where one performance was filmed for a DVD. But since then, they have returned to the U.S. to play alongside Dethklok, a fictional death metal band, based off an animated cartoon series Metalocalypse, which aired on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. These two would come together for a co-headlining tour, each rotating throughout the cycle, on whom would get to close each night.

For night one out of the two nights at the YouTube Theater in Inglewood, CA it would be Dethklok closing out, with BabyMetal opening, having arrived just in time, to catch BabyMetal, their set was an hour long in length, performing an extensive amount of tracks from earlier workings to later down to current day as well. Some of the tracks performed included such as; “BabyMetal Death”, “Gimme Chocolate”, “PA PA YA!!”, “METAL!!”, “Headbangeeeerrrr!!!!” and “Road of Resistance”. 


The trio of girls, did do a superb job of performing, dancing, singing, headbanging, getting the crowd that was sold out in fact, really into it, with the mosh pit opening up, to others banging their heads, singing along, shining their phone’s lights into the air, down to cheers galore. It was all around loads of fun, for all witnessing them. Having seen them three times thus far, this time was just as good as their previous acts. Even the whole crowd was into them really, a lot of which dressed up for the occasion as well. All in all BabyMetal is a Japanese act, whose time in the U.S. has gotten known far and wide, and they will continue to gain traction as they spread the metal cuteness that is themselves for all to hear and see.


1. BabyMetal Death
2. Gimme Chocolate!!
3. PA PA YA!!
4. Distortion
5. BxMxC
6. Believing
7. Monochrome
8. METAL!!
9. Megitsune
10. Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!
11. Road of Resistance

Next up would be headliners Dethklok who recently actually got back together, releasing a new album, as well as a movie. So they decided to go out on tour and that is what they provided here. They being an animated band, they themselves were shown on a screen with the band being shadowed in darkness, various clips from the series, to music videos, to the band themselves being heard during voice overs, interacting with the crowd of fans, kept everyone highly entertained and laughing it up. The band sounded quite good, with the animations rolling behind them, kept everyone cheering, shouting, and banging their heads throughout. Each of the songs were performed well, and included the likes of “Deththeme:, “Birthday Dethday”, “Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle”, “Murmaider”, “Thunderhorse”, and “Fansong”, among many others. A lot of which were short but sweet. Dethklok being an act to see live at least once, because you do get a kick out of what they can do and laugh it up as well.


All in all, this co-headlining run between the two acts was a done deal, and made it out to be one for a sold out show, and one that many there could enjoy with ease. Both bands will continue to dominate the metal circuit for as many years see them fit to do it.


1. Deththeme
2. Briefcase Full of Guts
3. Birthday Dethday
4. Awaken
5. Bloodlines
6. The Gears
7. Hatredcopter
8. Dethsupport
9. Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
10. Aortic Desecration
11. I Ejaculate Fire
12. The Duel
13. Murmaider
14. Thunderhorse
15. Fansong
16. SOS
17. Go into the Water

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