IronWrath Releases New Video


American Heavy Metal band IronWrath, has never been a band to stray away from controversial topics when it comes to God or Freedom. The Band drives this point home with their second follow-up music video to their groundbreaking debut album "Master Storyteller" called "Tyranny." The new music video is directed by multi-award-winning filmmaker and Band’s producer C.G. Ryche. The message of the video is powerful and timely, exposing the abuse of power by the federal government and the importance of fighting for our God-given rights.

Check out the video linked below:

Known as the "Cinematic Masters of Metal," the band is praised for their visionary media, powerhouse performances, and stadium-style metal. IronWrath is influenced by many artists from various genres, including Marilyn Manson, Metallica, Linkin Park, and Killswitch Engage, with a touch of Tool, Rob Zombie, and Nine in Nails to make your skin crawl.

IronWrath is a Cinematic Heavy Metal band known for its theatrical media, powerhouse performances, and stadium-style metal. Members of the Band include C.G. Ryche (Producer / Drums), Sean Silas (Lead Guitar), Steve Bell (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals), Johnny Blackout (Bass), and Anton Petrenko (Vocals).

Check out the album linked below:

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