Midsummer Scream Sails into Long Beach with Horror Good Fun!

Midsummer Scream one of many horror centered conventions, taking place during the summer time out in Los Angeles, California in Long Beach, CA. Not far from the oceanside and the historic Queen Mary out in the harbor. Midsummer Scream is set at Long Beach’s convention center, not quite as big as the Los Angeles convention center and not that small like the one in Pasadena. It’s one that is just right.

With that said, the convention takes place across three days, the weekend portion being the big crowd pleaser, as myself, attending that Saturday, it drew in the crowds. After arriving, parking being not so bad, walking to the convention center was a bit of a distance, and checking into get wristbands as displeasing, as a proper set up was not put into place and just wherever the organizers could place themselves, while walking about outside the venue itself.

But after getting checked in and heading into the venue, finding everything was simple by the map provided at the door. The hall of shadows being set up to have several mini haunted house mazes, with long lines was downstairs, with all else pretty much. The guests were also down below, with all of the vendors and food court as well. Vendor selection was extensive, lots to browse and check out, ranging from stickers, keychains, tshirts, posters, plush, toys, figures, etc. 


Food options had typical nachos, pizza, hot dogs, candies, soda, and food trucks outside in the patio as well. The rest of the convention center back upstairs had more vendors, and food options with an upper upstairs for the panels. Another room featured a theater showcasing numerous shows and another show room having a “Day of the Dead” arrangement which was nice. 


All in all Midsummer Scream for a first time experience was expected, nice, and a good horror vibe throughout. Lots of people decked out in their spooky costumes and proper attire, while all else there was scary good fun! Definitely worth checking out at least once.

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