Havok Makes Up for 2020 Mishap with LA’s Sold Out Showcase!

With a week into the tour, Havok decided to tour since 2020 they could not do so. So bringing alongside would be Toxic Holocaust, I Am and Hammerhead! Taking place out in Downtown Los Angeles, California at The Regent Theater, tonight’s performance was a complete sold out success!

But having gotten to the venue a tad late, catching the last bits of death metal, groove act, I Am was surprising. The crowd of the packed theater, covered the floor, upstairs standing portion, as well as the side bar standing area’s, it was a crowded. But I Am wrapped up their set rather nicely, the frontman even shaking his booty back and forth at times. The crowd didn’t mind it though, as their set concluded and all was well really.


Next up would be Toxic Holocaust a thrash metal act whose presents was not ignored. As soon as they hit the stage to perform, the entirety of the venue exploded! The mosh pit was bouncing, people flying into the air, while others landed onto the stage, to just end up back onto the floor. Throughout the whole set this was kept up, never ending, so much in fact, that not one but likely up to 3 bodies were carried out and into an awaiting ambulance out front. The songs sung included such as “Lords of the Wasteland”, “War Is Hell”, “Wild Dogs”, “In the Name of Science”, and “Nuke the Cross”. Each and every single song sung was never ending with the crowd interaction and interception really. No one was standing still almost, that energy was flawless. Ending things off though, the band brought that angst and momentum that spread throughout the venue, with lots of cheers, shouts, and bobbing of the heads, all were enthralled with glee.


Headlining the night would be Havok, who as said prior, had not been on tour for quite sometime, due to 2020’s occurrence. But tonight would be the night, that LA would be the best stop on the tour thus far, according to the singer/guitarist. With that though, the band would go on to play an extensive set, that included such songs as “Hang’em High”, “D.I.A.I”, “Phantom Force”, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”, and “Time Is Up”.  All of which just brought on the crowd’s energy even further, non stop crowd surfing happening at all time’s, the mosh put explosive as ever, and everyone there just cheering until they could not anymore. Funny enough the singer went on to sing a rendition of the “ACB’s” which was just too fun to hear in a live setting. Sadly enough though, there were several individuals who were carried out, due to stage diving or just getting too aggressive, being admitted via ambulance. But nevertheless, Havok managed to put on a show, that did not disappoint whatsoever.


All in all, the entire share of acts that played, brought such fun to the audience this evening, that so much happiness and metal likeness, was had that no one left the venue in dismay. Everyone left pleased and exhausted to say the least but in a good way.


1. Point of No Return
2. Fear Campaign
3. Hang’em High
4. Prepare for Attack
5. D.I.A.I.
6. Intention to Deceive
7. Phantom Force
8. From the Cradle to the Grave
9. Covering Fire
10. Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death
11. Time Is Up

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