Hirax Steals Show for a Night of Thrash Metal in Los Angeles!

What a way to spend a Friday evening than with good old THRASH METAL! At The Regrent in Downtown Los Angeles, California is where several acts would thrash the night away. Upon arriving mid-show caught metal act Witchhaven, whose performance and presents overall was rather welcoming and nice. The band’s performance being intense yet fun, as the crowd cheered and thrashed about in the mosh pit with ease. Next up came another local act many on the bill being such, this one called EvilDead. Thrash metal like a majority of the rest, they brought the intensity mentioned prior up a notch. As the mosh pit spun about, crowd of on looker’s being pleased and excited. The band’s energy kept the music flowing, as metal fans alike, if not in the pit, were gladly banging their head’s to the beat of the music! EvilDead’s performance was well provided and lasted enough that all there were satisfied with the results. 



Next up came one of the pre-headliner’s another local to California this one named Hirax. Getting their start in 1984, the band has been active since, performing and touring throughout over the years, playing locally whenever possible. This show tonight was the band’s second official show back due to the pandemic being every ongoing. As the band kept the energy ever going, all there went berserk. The mosh pit went spinning much crazily with crowd surfer’s even capturing the air as the band kept it all consistent. Just loads of energy through and through really, everyone was hyped up to witness Hirax’s presents, bringing it all in with such force and mind, that they were cheering and thrashing about like it would never stop. Surely Hirax was a highlight of the night, the crowd dismayed that they had to wrap up their set, but they would return with more music and even better thrash formula.



Lastly was headliner’s Nasty Savage whose time was brief yet decent. The opening number’s being pleasurable. The crowd some of which had dispersed, after the previous band’s performance, did not cause the headliner’s to be displeased. They kept the energy and music going, cheers still lingering, thrashing about in the pit igniting here and there, had the band ending the night be entertaining yet fine.

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I was there outstanding show! Hirax's new lineup absolutely blows doors!

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