Sonik G – Made In Los Angeles

Sonik G or Sonik Garcia known for his early working's work his previous band Fallen Figures, later filling in temp for As Blood Runs Black, he has continued his pursuit with music. Going as far as releasing a solo album titled "Made In Los Angeles" released in 2020. In fact a time in which Los Angeles and the entire world was in a bit of a crisis at that time of year. But any who this release has 10 tracks upon it, including a very "nice" cover track of the pop idol icon group the Backstreet Boys titled "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)", heaviness, flawlessness, and just downright aggression. Another track worth mentioning would have to be "Hollywood (Defamation)", another heavy hitter, with straight up force, aggression provided by the vocal chords, instrumentation and just all else really. The song is catchy, upbeat and just packs it in that you can't but find yourself nodding your head to it. One of the tracks that has an interesting title to it is believe it or not titled "Fallen Figure". Now is this a track a tribute or connected to his previous band perhaps so. Like the others already discussed, this track has it's entertaining moments, vocalization is heavy, pitched well with the instrumentals done superbly well. Sonik himself expressed this about this album saying "It’s basis is about the city that build me and without haters I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Their words fueled my desire to prove them wrong." The rest of the album remains heavy with has it's moments with such tracks as "Hurricane" and "The World Keeps Turning", as well as the title track. These being heavy lifting material but has a light-sided effect, meaning they are heavy enduring but keep the works more mellow yet heavy if that makes sense. The trio of tracks mesh well and make the album as a whole, with the leftover tracks present contract this release as a finishing piece of art and just heaviness through and through. If you like the heavy with the light then think any modern deathcore band meets post-hardcore band such as Dayseeker. 

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