Aqvilea Discusses Summer Fest Plans, Music, and Themselves!

Cinematic symphonic metal go getters AQVILEA formed not too long ago and are from Italy. The band has released their debut album, in which they are pretty confident about. The band plans to take part in a summer fest, alongside a variety of other performers. The band discusses of this fest and a bit about themselves which can be found below.

1. So how did you get involved with being a part of the "Bloody News Online Fest: Insane Summer Gathering 2021"?

It was a great pleasure for us to be contacted by the festival manager Kostya Aronberg through our Facebook official page and we take this opportunity to thanks him again for giving us this chance. We are honored to participate in this international event with such amazing bands.

2. To those who may not be familiar with your band, can you give us a brief summary?

Aqvilea is a symphonic metal band from Italy created around 2015 by composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Pier Lando Baldinelli: the first full length Beyond the Elysian Fields, recorded between Italy and Sweden and produced by Fredrik Nordström, has been released on November, 20th, 2020 for the new-born label Saturnia Records. The band’s name recalls the ancient Roman city of Aquileia, founded in 181 BC as a military colony, and later became a prominent city of the Empire. The whole project is dedicated not only to the origins of the city but more generally to the celebration of the lost beauty of Latin culture and mythology: a choral fantasy-historical romance set at the dawn of a new civilization, dedicated to the brotherhood of peoples and to the eternity of human passions.

3. How would you describe your style?

In a word: “cinematic”. We intend to be a sort of manifesto of cinematic symphonic metal: a tribute to the soundtracks of cinema masterpieces, from Ennio Morricone to Hans Zimmer, from James Horner to Two Steps from Hell. Our compositions are built around an imposing and evocative orchestral line, with seven strings rhythmic guitar a lower tone, preferring upbeat, and the lyric lines converge on the soprano voice. Aqvilea’s visual imagery is also influenced by Hollywood “peplum” movies, as well as by symphonic and gothic metal landmarks as Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir, and by Japanese Visual Kei style.

4. What have you release so far and how can someone find your material online?

Beyond the Elysian Fields is our first album – a 14 tracks full length. The album is released and distributed by Saturnia Records and is available worldwide in streaming and HQ digital download, while physical copies of CD (jewel case plus 16 pages booklet) can be ordered at our official shop: More generally, you can easily find all our production online just by typing “Aqvilea” on the search bar, just remember to use the “V”…

5. Why should someone buy your works?

We strongly believe in our album, in the work of composition, in the execution and in the production. We are confident that it is a work of great quality. However, personal tastes come into play: we don't expect everyone to like it. We certainly recommend it to those who love cinematic atmospheres, epic soundtracks, and to those who are sensitive to emotions, to the charm of history and symphonic music. 

6. How would you say you differ from other bands and artists on the scene?

There are several aspects to consider. There is the production, which certainly gives a distinctive mark to our whole work. We absolutely wanted to give Beyond the Elysian Fields a “Nordic” aspect, in order to resemble as much as possible the classic bands of Northern European metal in terms of sounds, mixes and atmospheres in general. Working with Fredrik Nordström has allowed us to make a very original album in this sense because it combines the symphonic metal genre with a death-melodic style production.

Then there is the composition, which in our case is totally devoted to the vocal lines, precisely to the vocality of the music, and to the orchestral bases which allows us to obtain that "cinematic" dimension of a soundtrack. These elements create a harmony that should be able to stay in the listeners' mind as much as possible, with the intention of leaving a long-lasting emotion.

Finally, if we look at the concept, the image and the "packaging" of the product, there is our history, there is Aquileia, there is ancient Rome, there is Virgil, there is Alexandria in Egypt ... a rather Mediterranean dimension.

7. What do you want to achieve as a band?

First of all we would like our music to convey our vision of a free and tolerant world, where everyone’s identity is valued and not erased. More concretely as regards our “career”, we would like to be recognized among the top European symphonic metal bands. We still have a long way to go because we are just starting out, but we work hard and aim high.

8. What does this next year have in-store for you guys?

We have several surprises… but our main goal is to release the second album, and we are already working on it.

9. Where can the fans and new comers find out more about you?

We have an official website,, a Bandcamp account, and we are active on all the main socials as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. We have a huge support from our label Saturnia Records and our videos are shared on Saturnia Records channel on YouTube. The best way to find out more about us, in any case, is listen to our music, available on all streaming platforms worldwide. 

10. Can you describe your band in just three words?

Cinematic – Metal - Opera

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