Emo project Morning In May join the Manic Kat Records family and announced a new song, “You Up Text From Death.”

 Solo artist, Morning In May has now signed with Manic Kat Records. Jake Bartolic expresses his excitement in joining the team. “With the weird times that are going on, Manic’s team is one of the newer labels I think we're gonna see in the future. They're more centered on guidance and a "what can we do for you" attitude. They're a good team and it just made sense. They seem to believe in what I do and that's pretty rare."

 In addition to the signing, Morning In May has released a new track, “You Up Text From Death.” The track is large in sound showcasing an array of vocal arrangements and theatrics. Lyrics are confident and powerful. “I’ve wanted to release a song like this for awhile now. A lot of this industry is waiting on how others feel about your art.” Bartolic said regarding the single. “I wanted to have a song that was written in pure conceit, to yell, feel, and know that I’m the king around here. I hope the listeners can listen and feel the same way about themselves and place them in the perspective of the singer for a confidence boost."

 The signing and single is a follow-up to the release of “Orpheus In Retrospect” (feat. Craig Mabbitt,) The leading single off the band’s forthcoming EP. A conceptual EP that follows the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. The song embodies cool undertones with a bold chorus and unique transitions. “Orpheus In Retrospect” showcases a swift back and forth between lead vocalist Jake Bartolic and Escape The Fate’s frontman Craig Mabbitt, who also laces the track with venomous screams throughout.

 Check out the new track HERE.

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