The Los Angeles Muderfest Version 666 Postponed!

This late summer was suppose to be the return of The Los Angeles Muderfest, with it's sixth year run, returning after years of being away. But due to the current pandemic that is COVID-19 A.K.A. coronavirus, a postpone was likely going to happen and it has, given from the promoters Church of the 8th Day, via the event's Facebook page:

"Hello All,

Unfortunately we are making the call to postpone this event until a TBD date. Currently, the businesses that have been allowed to reopen do not include live music venues and the phase that would include said spaces have no actual date as each phase is influenced by how the previous phase has faired.

Instead of keeping everyone wondering, and possibly putting the fans at risk, we have decided to push this event back.

In our minds, we would like to think January or February, but we cannot make that call until we get to phase four and see how the rollout of reopening venues spaces will happen.

We are steadfast to bring events back to Los Angeles, and we held out as long as we could, but at this point, we felt it was a safer move to postpone.

The event will happen and we will work on making it better than ever, so stick with us, we will not let you down.

As for people whom bought tickets, if you bought them through 1720's platform, we can issue you a refund. If you bought tickets to the original event, please contact the organization, or band, that you purchased the tickets through.

If you hold onto your tickets, they will be honored for the rescheduled date, but we also wanted to give fans an option.

Thank you for understanding, stay safe.
Daniel Dismal
Church of the 8th Day"

Expect The Los Angeles Muderfest to return in 2021 hopefully!

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