Slayer’s One Night Stand Titled Slayer: The Repentless Killogy!

Where to begin with a band such as Slayer.... An act whose time together has been almost four long decades, it's surprising even to the band themselves, how far they have come. As it would have them to go on countless tours, playing an array of shows, releasing twelve full-length studio albums including their last and possibly final album yet "Repentless" in 2015. Having this release have a few singles off it, including the title track, "You Against You", and "Pride In Prejudice". This album being so successful it would have the band record one of their performances in full, that would take place during the touring cycle for this album's release only two years after it's release. At the Los Angeles’ venue known as The Forum during the summer of 2017, when touring with support coming from Lamb Of God and Behemoth, Slayer would headline this tour of course, it being filmed of their set, consisting of many song favorites, including the "Repentless", single's along with many others  "Raining Blood," "South Of Heaven," "Repentless," "Angel Of Death" and more!

This touring run not only capturing the band’s stunning performance but footage that would include a brief interview segment, with other footage shot for a mini film, that would come to release just two years later in 2019. This film being called "Slayer: The Repentless Killogy" as it was a mash up of the single’s released off the "Repentless" album, with more footage taken with a handful of actor’s and actress’s ranging from  Jason Trost ("Beats of Rage," "Hatchet III") as Wyatt, Danny Trejo ("Machete," "From Dusk Til Dawn"), Richard Speight, Jr. ("Band of Brothers," "Supernatural"), Derek Mears ("Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."), Jessica Pimentel ("Orange Is The New Black"), Tyler Mane ("X-Men," "Halloween !!"), Bill Moseley ("The Devil’s Rejects," "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2"), Caroline Williams ("The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2," "Sharknado 4"), and Sean Whalen ("Twister," "The People Under The Stairs"). Many of which had also appeared in the original music video series of those said singles as well.

The mini concert film and film, would play together for one solid night of a sold out event, spanning across the world showing in 1,500 theaters, or world painted blood as Slayer would prefer it to be. The film would play at my showing of it, at Universal CityWalk in Studio City, California a small city within the Los Angeles County area. This sole show being a sold out one, as it were with fans packing the theater’s small space, witnessing it as a wholesome cycle of full metal goodness. The band was interviewed prior, then the mini film/music videos were shown, with the full band performance following suite. The whole entirety of it all lasting 2 hours and 20 minutes in length time!

This being probably the second concert to screen performance, being seen by the eyes of myself, as the other concert was seen of a Japanese pop idol group, their screening lasting a good 3 hours length time. But aside from that remark, Slayer’s mini movie, music video, and performance overall, was done rather well. The movie footage captured the horror aspect, with lots of blood, gory elements set into full effect, as the story unfolded itself. Showcasing this guy on the hunt and run for one person who had set this all up, just in the end to have him shot down perhaps? It’s a lot of blood with a lot of kills all crafted together in a manner that was gruesome yet funny at times with the kills counted off. If heaviness in term's of music and lots of blood and gore are to your liking, then this is one for you. Lots of that thrown into the mix, with some funny one off killing's, heavy yet intense music, just fun all around really.

At the end of the movie, it showed the band doing what Slayer does best, performing of course. As they would show a performance of "Angel Of Death", within the film, having the film end with the full on performance of the concert shown, recapturing that night way back when in 2017. The actual performance though was very extensive and entertaining. The songs brought the energy and angst that only a thrash act like Slayer could deliver. It being put that Slayer reigns blood.

Slayer: The Repentless Killogy:

1. Delusions Of Saviour
2. Repentless
3. The Antichrist
4. Disciple
5. Postmortem
6. Hate Worldwide
7. War Ensemble
8. When The Stillness Comes
9. You Against You
10. Mandatory Suicide
11. Hallowed Point
12. Dead Skin Mask
13. Born Of Fire
14. Cast The First Stone
15. Bloodline
16. Seasons In The Abyss
17. Hell Awaits
18. South Of Heaven
19. Raining Blood
20. Chemical Warfare
21. Angel Of Death

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