Gerry Cea – Something New

Gerry Cea born long ago, did his share of moving but way later down the line, he would go on to enter a recording studio, writing and then recording material with producer Rudy Perez and Chris Price making an album called "Something New".  The style would be a mix if pop/rock think of all the assortment of acts around in year's past and present, that is how Gerry sounds much like really upon this release. A lot of the tracks off this album, it consisting of 12 total, would reach out to many such as "With You", "One Day At The Time", "Mine", and "The One", are the very few that tend to stick out the most upon this album of his. These lump sum of tracks, are catchy and shall we say highly entertaining throughout their play time. Whereas the remaining tracks come along the same aspects for the most part. One of which being an all acoustic tune, that is very much easy going for that easy listening type of experience. All the rest fall within sounding calm and relaxing if not downright catchy, cannot express that enough really. For Gerry as an artist though, he has talent and it shows through within this album and it's track listing. His voice is emotional and powering in tone and feeling throughout each and every one of these tracks off this little old album he like's to call "Something New".

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