The Wilderness – Fall (Despite What You Do)

Who would have thought, that with an up-and-coming band like The Wilderness, whose current single turned video titled "Fall (Despite What You Do)", would given them such a buzz, only some to very few would undoubtedly know who these guys are. In other words, this band has had this single released since the late summer time of this year, that is 2019.

The accompanying video featuring an array of people working on it as it were, including camera personal Justin Holland, Céline Klein, Bobbi Shewchuk, and Karl Tombak. The editing was done by Justin Holland, with audio work being done by Terry Benn. Art and art direction was by Nicole Daniels with the featured people of the video, besides the band The Wilderness, being Mariah Horner and Dennis Clark.

Now how the video would play out and does, is that it focus’s upon this young couple, of a man and a women, the women is an artist, depicting her art through what else emotions. Using the anger and rage as her will, as it creates beauty within the madness, resulting in a delivered look and feel of realism and emotions of not just herself, but of the band as well. Both having a soul that is taken into account; showcasing the appeal of strength that is built by the isolation and connected to the honesty of the experiences of these people as a whole.

It just combines a lot of energy and emotions throughout. The video again showcasing this women whose art style is shown through her everyday life, and herself displaying said art, in a splash paint sort of way. The music moves in a more vivid way pretty much. It unfolds a story as it were, uplifting the music and words spoken, as the tone finds comfort, that makes it come full circle. The band’s portion of it, showcases them performing, whilst the characters showcase their own lives unfolding, with the art rush, lifestyle, coming together all at once more or less.

As it would have it, The Wilderness just have captured themselves visually and musically with this single and video. Having surely more singles and videos that embrace the listener with every release. You should expect the unexpected when it comes to a band like The Wilderness, their styling of indie rock is just tops. They are just one of those types of bands, whose time thus far, will just continue to grow and create something that many others will experience and get to learn from it.



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