SJÖBLOM - A Victory Of Love

Post punk band The Exploding Boy has had one of it's two lead singers and co-founder's Johan Sjöblom went on to create a solo project debuted SJÖBLOM. Who would go on to release a handful of content, including most recent being an EP release titled "A Victory Of Love". The EP containing 6-tracks, four of which being all new interpretations of songs, that were previously released on the release called "6". The two other tracks is one called "Seconds", with the other being the title track, a cover song of the Alphaville classic of the hit album "Forever Young" from back in 1984. What all of these tracks bring is a transformation of style, an electronic form with an original vision and version of his own, Johan Sjöblom see's fitting best.In short, this track is filled with passion and strength, having a catchy tone to go for it. It's melodic crossed with electronic, a mixture of genres that makes the material that more unique. Whereas the other tracks such as "Seconds", is more grounded and upbeat, but very mellow and dramatic at times. A more in-depth source of work, that makes the track very moving if not even groovy. The remaining tracks being the four are remixes, of numerous other tracks ranging from Ash Code, Luc Stargazer, Vive La Fete, and Shameless3030, each one of these tracks being visually interesting for the ears. Each one of these just has an interesting energy about them, being very much like they were out of the 80's era at times of hearing them. The foursome just captures a timing that once was but imagines it for a more modernized time instead. When it comes to it, SJÖBLOM's EP that is "A Victory Of Love", is just one that has a lot going for it, and one that will not b forgotten.

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