Chad Rico – 12 Weeks of Summer

Rapper Chad Rico or the rapping math professor as he's known as, is getting ready to release a handful of singles from his upcoming release titled "12 Weeks of Summer". This hip hop rapping music project is to be released via Gold ad Gems Records, with the assorted singles being called "Still Wit It", "Success with the Shade", "Wonder", and "Sleep in the Phantom". Upon listening to these tracks as a whole, this rapping hip hop go getter Chad Rico has got the pipes and talent to spill the rhymes and tones as it were. Each of these tracks being catchy in their tone approach, with the beats being unique and rather interesting in style choice. The sound's being original and sleek at times. Vocalization wise his way with the lyrics make the tracks more enjoyable, hearing clean cut vocals heard loud and clear. Each one of these tracks, just becomes more listenable at times really. You’re like never bored with the material, in fact the music just keeps being entertaining for the whole way through of this EP’s “12 Weeks of Summer” release. Chad Rico may be a math professor and teaches too, but his passion shows loads within his rap and hip hop beats and tones. He makes it works well, and surely will continue to intertwine his educational side and music side, to make them both collide engagingly well.

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