Voodoo Zombie - Reviresco

For the past 12 years, Voodoo Zombie has come quite the ways, in term's of showcases and releasing an array of content, including their most recent and newest album to date "Reviresco", the fourth in their assorted discography. "Amarte Es Peligroso", was the first glimpse into how much the band has come since their previous and third full-length "Santa Muerte" was released back in 2011, with a short follow-up single afterwards in 2012 with single track titled "ZombieWalk". It wouldn't be until 5 years later that any newer content would come around, which would bring us back to that single of a track titled "Amarte Es Peligroso".

"Amarte Es Peligroso", is a toss up between sounding plugged in but unplugged as well, if that makes any sense. It’s sounding a lot like No Doubt but without the ska punk tone. More of an uplifting effect, combining rock and more psychobilly essence; that would come out of an era of when the genre that is the one they have picked on, psychobilly and rock even began.

To point it simply, Voodoo Zombies’ tone is straight forward as rock mixed with punk with some edginess added in for good measurements. Take other tracks off this album such as "La Cara Oculta de la Luna ", "Existencia Infernal", "Esquizomortal", and "Zombiewalk", that was mentioned prior and released as a single that would accompany this release as it turns out. These selections have that same type or tone, being edgy yet intense, whilst being very upbeat and catching for the ears listening in. You get this mellow undertone that keeps the material consistent yet refreshing with each play through.

It’s as if, Voodoo Zombie’s entirety as a band, is more rounded, being not just a successful act as they have become, but one who will continue to grow and expand upon their artistic works and performance skills as well. These tracks and fourth full-length album to date "Reviresco", demonstrates this, igniting more to come in no time at all.

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