Space Vacation Holiday Interview

Heavy metal band SPACE VACATION gets into the holiday spirit, by having guitarist/vocalist Scott Shapiro discuss how he celebrates this time of year!

1. What are you doing for the holidays?

Hanging with family and friends in San Francisco

2. This Halloween season I did what?

Prayed to the lord of darkness to abate my candy hangover

3. Did you dress up this year?

Yes. I made a great Albert Einstein.

4. What is your favorite Halloween candy or treat?

Blood from an unborn fetus.

5. What are you thankful for?

That we finally had rain in California to put out the fires.

6. Do you have a favorite dish for Thanksgiving or do you enjoy everything?

Turkey and pretty much any pie. 

7. Who's the one out of the band that eats the most, when it comes to the holiday season?

Since Eli is vegan and Kiyo drinks whisky as his only sustenance, it would have to be me, although it looks like Steve’s belly got a bit bigger so maybe it’s a toss up?

8. Do you or have you gone shopping on Black Friday, if so what did you find and buy? Or have you gone out to see the sights of the crowds?

No fucking way am I going out on Black Friday to save $10 on some consumer crap.  I live in San Francisco, so there’s crowds everyday all the time, but the tree in Union Square is always a site and my daughter loves to go ice skating there so it’s on the list.

9. When it comes to the holiday season, does the band all get together, or does everyone do their own thing?

We usually take a few weeks off before the new year to just unwind and refresh before we get back at it.  This year we are hard at work writing the new record which will have a late 2019 release.

10. What is your favorite Christmas song to sing and why?

Grandma got run over by a reindeer.  Because running over Grandmas is a Christmas tradition.

11. One thing you really want for Christmas is what?

A 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am.  Or maybe a handjob?

12. Do you still believe in Santa Claus? Enough so, that you would pay him a visit at the mall or other local events?

We do have a gig booked at the Santa’s Workshop Post-Christmas company party.  I’m hoping to meet the big man.

13. What type of Christmas tree do you prefer white or green or your own version?

Indica. Definitely Indica.

14. Are you a late or early Christmas shopper?

Neither. I have a flux capacitor installed in my 1984 Delorean. Time is but a concept.

15. One thing you have to do on New Year's Eve?

Community service is big for us on New Year’s Eve.  We throw bundles of cocaine at the party goers so they don’t drive drunk.

16. Do you have any New Year's resolutions?

This will be the year that I finally stop sniffing glue!

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