William Control Releases New Video for "The Monster"

William Control has released a new song and video for "The Monster" off an upcoming EP release called "The Pale" expected to drop this Halloween season! William went on to post this about the release via Facebook -

"The Neuromantic Movement Begins Now

Building something new is never easy. The long hours, the lack of sleep, the shuck and pull of emotions that rage and boil and crash around the surface of the ocean in your heart. The technical build up, the digital sound of love and anger, the grease it takes to prime the movement, and the joy of listening and creating one cohesive neuromantic movement for the souls of your brothers and sisters, children and grandparents.

Here is the first offering from my digital heart. This is a video for the single from "The Pale E.P." It's called.... "The Monster". Terry Matlin shot it in Brooklyn last month and we couldn't be more pleased with the way it turned out.

This is going to be a YouTube exclusive for the next month. It won't be available on Spotify or iTunes just yet. The reason being is that Control Records has signed a distribution deal with Artery/Sony/Red, which is huge for us! As it will get our music out to more people than we could do on our own.

With that being said, it does take them a while to get things set in place and since I wanted to release this video before the Synths and Sinners tour this turned out to be the best way to do it.

We have new music coming. The entire record is called "Revelations" it will be split into 4 different EPs. Pale, Black, Red and White. So it's game on for the Neuromantic boys.

The Pale EP will drop in full mid October.

For now. Please help us. Share this video with everyone you know every few days. Go over to my youtube channel and grab the link. Tell your friends about it. Post on your IG about it, on your Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, snapchats, everywhere. Let's get this out there so everyone takes notice. Thank you all and let's enjoy the ride.

All my love
William Control"

Check out the video right HERE.

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