In Silent Agony - Villainous

In Silent Agony a solo project by one of the former members of another act known as Morphine Killer, who spent their time in the sunshine, to only fade to dust. After their attempt, one of the members went solo as mentioned, and created In Silent Agony with its debut release "Villainous". A debut EP release that is simply put, loud guitars with even louder vocal chords, the EP offers 5 songs, a few of which aren't half bad. Some of those include one's like "Sightless", "A Dark Embrace", and "Diminishing Returns". These selected tunes really captures the essence of the material, the loud guitar work, is catching, loud, and impressive. Whereas the vocal chords, are done rather well than just good, they sound aggressive and pulse pounding, really pushing at the music, as it engulfs it altogether, if you will. All in all, this EP is a good sounding mix of "loudness" that anyone who's into heavy music will surely enjoy.

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