I Am Ghost's Frontman Steven Responds to Retirement and Return of I Am Ghost

I Am Ghost's frontman vocalist Steven Juliano has given a reason as to returning to music, after announcing not that long ago of retiring from music, via his social media profile;

"MY REPLY ON RETURNING TO I AM GHOST: Ok, so lot's and lot's of you have been commenting "But STEVE, you retired!!!" and I get it. I did retire from music. I was done with it. Absolutely. The I Am Ghost members all know: Ronnie, Chad, Gabe, Timmy, Justin, Ryan... we have all tried for YEARS now to get this show going. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was incredibly busy with their other projects. Most of these gents were touring across the world in their other bands so we could never figure out a date for this show to work. Either I was in town that month and two others were in Europe or doing Warped Tour, or I was on tour with Requiem and they were home. It just never seemed to work. And suddenly it finally all just clicked. We were actually all available and some had left their other projects. So, with that said, I couldn't let this opportunity go. These guys are like my brothers, and I would love nothing more than to ROCK these I Am Ghost songs like it was 2008 all over again. Thanks for everyone caring or not. Steven Juliano has spoken... RAWWWWRRR!!!!"

What will the official line-up of the reunited I Am Ghost, be come their reunion comeback showcase this October 22nd 2016? It will be as follows;


Steven Juliano - Vocals (2004-2010)
Tim Rosales III - Lead Guitar (2004-2010)
Chad Kulengosky - Rhythm Guitar (2007-2010)
Gabe Iraheta - Rhythm Guitar (2004-2007)
Ron Ficarro - Bass/Vocals (2007-2010)
Ryan Seaman - Drums (2005-2007)
Justin McCarthy - Drums (2007-2010)

It's last incarnation was as follows;


Steven Juliano - Vocals
Tim Rosales III - Lead Guitar
Chad Kulengosky - Rhythm Guitar
Ron Ficarro - Bass/Vocals
Justin McCarthy - Drums

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