Death Valley Dreams Releases "Words Like Fire" Video

KROQ-FM Los Angeles DJ Nicole Alvarez announced on air that “this band has more buzz than a city of bees” and the David vs. Goliath story of unsigned band Death Valley Dreams is resonating with radio stations and fans across the nation.

The single “Words like Fire” has already been heard in large radio markets nationwide, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Portland, Kansas City, Miami, and more before the official release of the single to radio. The familiar but fresh 80’s sound of Death Valley Dreams has been described as “David Bowie meets The Cars meets the Killers”. They are also currently featured as a New Artist on the front page of iTunes, added to Apple Music's A-List Rock & A-List New Artist playlists, as well as being featured on Spotify's "New Noise" playlist.

Band manager, Jeff Hanson, who has engineered the success of Paramore, Creed & Mute Math, stated “Anyone with knowledge of the music industry understands that getting national airplay and being featured on the front page of iTunes is unheard of for an unsigned artist. Unsigned artists simply do not attract this type of attention or support...ever. Clearly, “Words like Fire” is a special song and Death Valley Dreams has struck a chord with industry tastemakers and music fans.”

The band just released an impressive lyric video on April 26 with an introduction from original MTV VJ Mark Goodman. Goodman, who received the track from a friend, stated “I often receive new music and will listen once...but I have listened to “Words like Fire” 25 times and it gets better every time.” The video is available for viewing on the band’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

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