The Art Of Living Dead Dolls Review

When you kill someone they're suppose to stay dead right? Well in this case the dead has been in existence for the past 16 years, thus the creation of the infamous doll line known only as the Living Dead Dolls. If this line does not ring a bell or send chills running down your spine then perhaps you have not heard of it until now.

These Living Dead Dolls are those creepy yet gruesome Halloween, Gothic, Horror Movie based or themed dolls that are encased in their own personal coffin for display purposes unless otherwise opinionated based on the collector, they have the artistic face with in-depth detail, from facial features to clothing, hairstyle, the whole works really makes these pop-out!

This 78-page book entitled "The Art Of Living Dead Dolls" comes in a paperback format, decrypting "the best of the best" out of its armament of dolls  in existence, showcasing them in an interesting form, from drawings, to digital drawings, oil painting, water color, any artsy style you can think up is likely done embracing the ghoulish-ness that is these dolls. There is also entries that have taken artwork from the fan base that has grown over the course of its yearly run, right down to its 2006 edition art show giving you all of the highlights that were indeed quite enlightening to say the least. To other little details of a comic strip to a find a way maze for kicks!

"The Art Of Living Dead Dolls" is a spur of the moment book that is foremost an interesting picture book than a reading book, that again encrypts the likeness of these infamously popular dolls, in the best way possible. Any fan of horror, goth, or fan of dolls in general will find this an outsource worth checking out.

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