My Little Pony Equestria Girls Holiday Comic Coming Soon

My Little Pony's Equestria Girls has since made it's debut across numerous platforms from it's two films, toys, appeal, and even a few comic books in the My Little Pony comic series. The first comic was the 2013 San Diego Comic Con comic book edition, then following that was the special edition Annual 2013 edition comic book, next followed the 2014 San Diego Comic Con edition comic book, with it's 2014 Annual edition comic book, and now an all new comic book focusing on the Euqestria Girls for the holiday season is due out this Christmas!

Find out what the comic is all about by reading the synopsis;

"It's holiday time at Canterlot High! Sunset Shimmer is still getting used to life on campus, and her new friends. When mean rumors start to circulate, all signs point to Sunset as the source. Will she be able to find the true meaning of the holidays and clear her name?"

The writer and artist behind this issue will be (W) Ted Anderson and (A/CA) Tony Fleecs. Check out the comic book's artwork below!

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