Ransom and the Subset Releases Song "Anna"

Ransom and the Subset are an alternative rock band full of harmonies and magnetic power-pop chords, and soaring keyboard riffs that build incessantly memorable arrangements designed to keep listeners coming back. They dynamic sounds of Ransom and the Subset is a collaboration between Porter and the best musicians he knew; producer and multi-instrumentalist Brian E. King (Guitar/Bass/Keys) and Grammy-winning engineer Ducky Carlisle (Drums/Background Vocals).

Together they deliver a dynamic blend of heightened pop sensibilities and modern rock influences that appeal to a wide breadth of audiences. In between recording in Boston and New York, Porter sought the talents of a number of other musicians, crafting an album full of beautifully orchestrated instrumentation that never stops giving.  Famed producer Keith Olsen says, “Stunning guitar arrangements and well-crafted, infectious songs: Ransom and the Subset is right on the mark. RanDair—the singer/songwriter behind the project—is a clever writer, talented singer, and the sound and production of his debut album No Time to Lose is simply as professional and as high-quality as you can get.” The fun doesn't stop there, “No Time to Lose” is a delicious alternative rock-pop album that delivers one heart stopping track after another.

Check out their latest single "Anna" off their debut album "No Time To Lose" HERE.

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