Still Phantoms - Moth In The Mirror

Californian's Still Phantom's have released 2 LP's and a recent EP “Moth In The Mirror” which guitarist James Greenwood says "It’s a 7 track CD that contains material that we wrote in late 2010. The EP differs from previous releases because there are new members in the band now and we have solidified our sound as a band. We call our genre “cinematic rock” because our music is very dynamic and theatrical, like a movie score." I couldn't agree more, some of the tunes that really stuck out were "Her Vampire", "No Fate", and "Fallen Angels". These tunes alone present the band's uqiue style that Greenwood was talking about it is very dynamic and dramatic to say the least making it very easy going and rather easy listening. Their style brings to mind Evanescence meets I Am Ghost crosses Requiem for the Dead. Still Phantom’s style and band has grown since their first release and it looks like this arrangement is going to be a keeper.

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