Ancient Antarctic metal marauders GWAR will carry on with their plans to tour Europe in Jan. 2012, despite the recent death of guitarist Cory Smoot, during the bands "Return of the World Maggot Tour".

Said GWAR spokesman Dave Brockie a.k.a. Oderus Urungus-- "When Cory died, we all wanted to go home and take care of the family and our own grief. But the best way to do that is by playing all the shows we have planned. The response from the U.S. metal community and especially the whole international GWAR family has been overwhelmingly supportive...these GWAR fans need the chance to pay their respects to Cory, and cancelling any shows would deprive them of that."

"Let's make these shows a celebration of Cory Smoot, one of the most amazing players in metal...I am calling on the European GWAR family to get out there and drag everybody in sight to these gigs! We shall honor Flattus Maximus in the only way we know rocking the fuck out!!!"

The Smoots, GWAR, and Metal Blade Records have created the "Smoot Family Fund", and GWAR and Slave Pit are calling on the metal community to support Cory's family in this tragic time. Donations can be made HERE.

"C'mon everybody from our rock star buddies to the most zit-covered bohab,"said Brockie. "Cory had a growing family that is going to need help-for a long time. Of course GWAR is doing everything we can, and we need you to help as well.

If you would prefer to donate to the Smoot Family Fund by mail, the address is:

Slave Pit Inc
C/O Smoot Family Fund
PO Box 5225
Richmond, VA 23220

The band has officially retired the character of Flattus Maximus, and will finish the U.S. and Europe tours as a four-piece. GWAR lead singer Oderus Urungus had this to say about their missing lead guitarist-

"Flattus, without our permission I might add, has stolen our Skumship and returned to his beloved home planet, Planet Home. So once again we are marooned on your miserable planet!"

For 27 years GWAR's relentless tour schedule and bristling release schedule have been evidence of the bands fanatical dedication to not only their fans but metal itself. GWAR's decision to continue on with these tours has put that dedication to the test like nothing before. Now more than ever they need your support. HAIL FLATTUS, AND HAIL GWAR!


01/11/12 - BE - Antwerp - Trix
01/12/12 - UK - Bristol - Bierkeller
01/13/12 - UK - London - Electric Ballroom
01/14/12 - UK - Coventry - Kasbah
01/15/12 - UK - Manchester - The Ritz
01/16/12 - UK - Belfast - Spring & Airbrake
01/17/12 - IE - Dublin- Button Factory
01/18/12 - UK - Wrexham - Central Station
01/19/12 - UK - North Yorkshire - The Duchess
01/20/12 - UK - Swansea - Sin City
01/21/12 - UK - Nottingham - Rock City
01/22/12 - UK - Reading - Sub 89
01/24/12 - UK - Portsmouth - Highlights
01/25/12 - DE - Bochum - Matrix
01/26/12 - DE - Bielefeld - Forum
01/27/12 - DK - Copenhagen - The Rock
01/28/12 - SE - Gothenburg - Brewhouse
01/29/12 - NO - Oslo - Rockefeller
01/30/12 - SE - Stockholm - Klubben

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