Ghost of August - Disease

Detroit based quintet Ghosts of August have been hard at work since their formation in 2007. Having had the time to write, record, and perform they have finalized what would be a full-length release titled "Disease". This effort goes to the support of their fans, frontman Dave Holowchak says “For most fans, experiencing and finding music today is really an issue of trust, People find new music and recommendations through their most trusted sources – friends. A large part of how we create our music is built around rewarding that trust and encouraging this process by delivering great music.” Aside from Dave Holowchak (vocals), Paul Delmotte (guitar), Steve Leemgraven (guitar), Terry Freers (Bass) and Kenny Leemgraven (drums) round off this rockin quintet.

In regards to their musical material its filled with hard rock emotion with flawless energy that brings to mind such acts as Papa Roach, Sevendust, and Disturbed. The instrumentals used here is heavy duty with constant riffs, solos, and aggressive drum beats that really keep the music flowing. The title track "Scars", and "Lived It Up", contain that heavy duty material while such songs as "Said & Done", "The Nothing", and "Three Little Words", taken it down a couple of notches and makes the music more mellow for the easy listener rather than the hard rocker.

As such Ghosts of August is a mix-up that offers a variety of tastes that can captive the listener in time.

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