Disney's Tangled

Seventy-four years later and still going strong Walt Disney Animation Studios has debuted its 50th animated feature film to hit the big screens just last year. Entitled Tangled the story is taken from the Brothers Grimm German fairy tale version of Rapunzel. Featuring voices of Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi and Donna Murphy, this cast of likeable characters captures the imagination, creativity, and joy of what the Disney franchise has been known to create.

Our tale begins with an elderly witch named Gothel who witness a drop of sunlight fall from the sky to create a magical flower with the ability to heal the sick and wounded. She uses this flower for herself to keep herself young and beautiful but after failing to keep the flower hidden it is discovered by those who need it most, the King and Queen. The flower's powers heal the dying mother as she gives birth to their baby daughter Rapunzel who they cherish dearly. But little did they realize that Gothel had a plan of her own. She would late one night kidnap their child claiming her as her own and keep her locked away in tower where no one would be able to find her. But eighteen years go by and for Rapunzel it is her day of destiny, her day to shine, and her day to be free.

This film goes down the lines of sticking to the classic era that once was Disney animation. It’s filled with humor, adventure, and musical appeal all over that will recapture the imaginations of everyone who ever believed in magic.

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