Monster High Creeps Out Macy’s

Monster High is slowly but surely seeping into the New Year and some newbie goodies includes some stylish appeal way better than what Justice has to offer. Macy’s who some fans have reported to have some Monster High memorabilia available now has some new t-shirts hanging on its ghoulish shelves. The assortment comes in 6 different styles; the first three consists of a white t-shirt with a drawn design of Draculaura. Another design has the Monster High skull in glitter with the name Monster High beneath it. While the third design is of Frankie with a heart made out of stitches go figure.

The other set of three comes in a light pink tone with purple Monster High crest in the center, while the other is black with various hearts, MH skull, and other symbols in various colors. Lastly is a white tee with all of our lovely ghouls in their various colors, the top saying “Freaky Just got Fabulous” with “Monster High” on the bottom. So be sure to keep a look out for these creepy designs available now at your local Macy’s.

Set One

Set Two

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