Architects - The Here And Now

“The Here And Now”, is the follow-up to the Architect’s 2009 release “Hollow Crown” and this time it seems like this release is a continuation of what that release had to offer. Except this time the Architects seem to have established a well balanced sound and quality that they can easily relay on. Like take "Day In Day Out" is the aggressive impulse that has just been lingering along until now. This tune provides upfront aggression with hard hitting guitar structure the vocal chords used just follow right on through. Whereas much softer tune "An Open Letter To Myself", captures the Architects are a mellower base and feel. Expressing an in-depth look as to who they are on the inside not just the outside.

Some of the other tunes fall within these lines of swapping between fast and heavy meets mellowed and focused. "Red Eyes" is a great example because it captures that mellow focus with those minor impulses of screaming tactics that are used every so often. Architects style is been well established here and they have matured with sound quality and source of input in writing and detailing their musical abilities.

Architects will surely become the next Blessthefall if they put their minds to it.

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