The Murderdolls Are Back from the Dead!

It's been sometime since we last saw or even heard anything from the scariest yet dirtiest rock band around the Murderdolls. Having only released a single album "Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls", (2002) over the miniature course of their musical career all was lost after their hiatus had struck a course and everything we had once known would be terminally lost....

After this being a reliable source there was no word whatsoever of the Murderdolls return rumors had been buzzing of course but nothing was surly for certain until finally original members Wednesday 13 along with Joey Jordison got back together and talked everything over on what they intentionally wanted to do with this project and that was to bring it back from the dead! So after a course or so of a good amount of years that just flew right on by the resurrection of the once horror stricken rockstars was revived yet again except this time with a full rock force, with guitarist Roman Surman (Gunfire 76, Bourbon Crow), Racci Shay Hart (Wednesday 13, Dope, Genitorturers) on drums and Jack Tankersley (Bullets and Octane) on bass.

So having reunited and gathered everything in its rightful place the Murderdolls are back and ready to punch your face in with the release of their sophomore release “Women and Children Last” as well as a full blown set of tours that will make your skin crawl and your body bleed.

1. First off Welcome Back!

Wednesday 13: Thank you it feels good to be back.

2. Is this the official return of the Murderdolls?

Wednesday 13: It is the official return. We took several years off it’s been eight years since our last release which came out in August (2002) and the new one comes out this August so it’s been eight years since the first album. We had talked over the years and it just never worked so I’m glad now because the chemistry we have now is so good -it’s a good that we waited and I’m really proud of this album. To me I put everything I had into this album this to me, was the hardest I’ve ever worked on a record in my life.

3. So tell me about the new album what can fans expect from this brand new release in comparison to your previous efforts?

Wednesday 13: Well the first album it was kind of campy tongue and cheek funny details here and there. But we were always funny and laughing backstage but this time around we didn’t want to be too funny. The lyrics are funny but this record is heavier and in your face and more violent. This time these songs are not horror based it’s a lot of various elements and this time I told stories on this record so it’s eight long years of material. If you could imagine writing a demo in 2003 versus now being 2010 your style and writing methods change and now everything is flowing so well it’s become a whole another record.

4. What about the title "Women and Children Last", what is the meaning behind this title?

Wednesday 13: First off, it’s a parody of the Van Halen album “Women and Children First” so we wanted to be dicks and were like “Women and Children Last” because we’re funny guys so we’re always centering ourselves around the “FUCK YOU” title so that made us laugh along with everybody else who thought it was funny.

5. Do you know what the first single will likely be?
Wednesday 13: It is the song “My Dark Place Alone”, which came out on download today and we’re shooting the video for it and it’s a really cool song. It’s a course of the last five years so it’s a pretty dark and intensive song about us going crazy even though we seem pretty sane right now.

6. Is there a particular theme or concept to this album?

Wednesday 13: We didn’t go with any intention really we had probably 30 or so songs so we couldn’t put a 30 song album out, so we cut them down to 23 and then cut them down more and more until it was a record we could call our own. The producer is awesome and he was totally excited to work with us and wanted it to be all about us. So we made this record keeping it inside this one room so it’s amazing out it turned out. Joey and I were facing each other the whole session while doing this record and that was really cool, exchanging tips and changes to make this record sound just the way we wanted it too.

7. What about the band itself there's only two original members what about the rest? Have you found a stable set or not yet?

Wednesday 13: Right now Joey and I over the years were thinking about when we should do the Murderdolls again. We had some issues and drama with our previous band mates and that’s not what it’s about, it’s about friendship to me when I’m in a band I want to build a friendship and be able to get along with the rest of the band. Be able to be on the road and have fun ya know? Our previous set-up was tough and none of us got along so we formed a whole another band and these people are my friends I don’t need to get on the phone because they’re already my friends so I can talk with them anytime if I need to. So we fixed our old problem and now have something brand new that has made us all really happy.

8. Why have you chosen to play only two shows?

Wednesday 13: Well we haven’t started the tour yet because the record isn’t out. The reason we’re doing these 2 shows is because we are shooting our new video. So we were already going to be here so why not do 2 special shows? So once August hits and the record is released we’ll be touring again the same goes for October we already have the bands and dates set so that should be another killer tour with some really killer bands that we can’t wait to hit the road with.

9. Besides the Murderdolls, have you written any new material for any of your side projects?

Wednesday 13: Hell no. The thing is I’ve changed over the years and I’m the type of guy that would constantly write stuff getting ideas non-stop. So when it came down to this album trying to write new material for anything else was tough. When it comes to a new record I just let that go focusing on that source and don’t write anything else. But right now this has been my main thing.

10. Do you have anything planned for the summer?

Wednesday 13: Well Joey is drumming for Rob Zombie and that begins August 14, and after that we start touring. So just check our website and see what’s up with us.
11. What does 2010 have in store for the Murderdolls?

Wednesday 13: World domination I want to take this band where it should have went beforehand the label feels good about us and the industry people tried to push us aside but this time they’re shocked at how great the album sounds so that’s my goal to take this band to the top be the dirtiest, scariest, rock band on earth.

12. Is there anything else you'd like to add or say to your fans?

Wednesday 13: Just thank you, thank you, thank you, we do this for the fans and that’s why I’m here.

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