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Straight out of Hunting Beach, California, some heavily influenced heavy metallers known only as Torment Id, pronounced just as it sounds Torment Id, two words Torment Id need I remind you again? With that said, the band started with guitarist David D or Beast during April 2007. The idea and band name came from a mix between the action, tormenting and an old term used to describe the ego of the subconscious part of the human brain. The Id. The concept: tormenting the subconscious human mind......

Thus Torment Id was created, from the depths of a tormented mind! After a year had past and 2008 had awoken the band started playing various gigs sharing stages with some very local but yet very awesome bands. After a few line-up changes the band was set to record their first EP. Flash forward two years and now that 2010 is within our current existence, the band has successfully continued to play and write music and with that was approached by Invultated Records, an indie Record Label and were offered a place into the label's family. Now that the years have surpassed us, Torment Id will embark on a much higher depth of achievements that no other band would ever expect to endure.

1. Tell us how the band formed?

Beast: I formed Torment Id back in 2007. Bunch of people said, “Hey, you should start a band.” So I did. I posted ads on Craigslist and MySpace, and backpage. And here we are.

2. What tracks work well live and which ones are getting the best reaction?

Joey: “In the Shadow of Satan”.

Slade: I think all the songs are pretty well received. But, I notice Anthem and Satan as the bigger reactions. I love In the Shadow of Satan because it is the first song written by all of us, and because it I feel it is the future style of Torment-Id… as seen with our newer song Legion.

Beast: For me? I think “In the Shadow of Satan” is a very “In your face” kinda song very fast and flowing. “Anthem for the Dead” is another really fast and heart pumping! But, “War of Souls” is a more “lift your feet and MOSH!” song...for me.

3. Who are your influences?

Joey: Cannibal Corpse, Dark Funeral, Suffocation.

Beast: Dark Funeral, Vader, Immortal.

Slade: I play all sorts of music and listen to just as much. Specifically for metal, I have to say Metallica's Justice, Morbid Angel's Covenant, Death's Spiritual Healing, Bolt Thrower's Realm of Chaos, and anything Iron Maiden. These bands and albums have inspired me to pick up the guitar and bass, displayed great songwriting, and shown the professionalism required to stay relevant.

4. What about all of these bands you've played with, would you say that they fall into the influence category as well? How does it feel to have played alongside Goatwhore?

Beast: Oh definitely. We make a point to book shows with “like” genres as us. Playing with Goatwhore was pretty damn epic for me! They are one of my favorite bands!

5. Why don't you tell me more about the band's name, Torment Id, what does this symbolize and what about the logo/artwork behind it what’s all the symbols that are encircled around the band's name?

Beast: Hmmm….funny. Yeah. Well, a coworker at a music store and I were talking about band names when I was starting the band. I showed him a list and he said, “How about....this and this one?” As it turned out, that was pretty much what I was thinking. The name of the band is Torment Id. It is two words. Torment. And Id. The Id is an old term used to describe the subconscious ego. So, tormenting the subconscious ego. Torment Id. The font was from some list of fonts I found online and just morphed it. Pulling the “T” down below the word “Id”, and giving the “M” almost batlike wings. As for the meaning of the symbols yes, they do mean......something. I am not at liberty to say.

6. So your guitar player known as Beast he seems to be the black metal guy while everybody else is just laid back with no goods or killer trends, why is this?

Beast: I don’t know it was something I wanted to do, and so I did it. I think the others feel “sheepish” about putting on make-up and spikes and leather armor. For me, it changes who I am. When I get into my gear, I become Beast. My attitude changes, my whole being changes. If I can quote someone, Abbath from Immortal, was asked in an interview, “Why do you put on Corpsepaint?” His reply was simple and it makes total sense. He said, “The reason we use make-up is to celebrate our inner demons.

7. What can you tell me about Invultuated Records who approached who? Are you satisfied with what they have to offer?

Beast: Invultuated Records made the offer to pick us up after a couple of informal discussions. So, I guess they approached us. I am very pleased with what they have to offer, and have the bands’ best interests in mind.

Slade: As I mentioned before, I play different styles of music in several bands. I only play in bands where I feel my bandmates are professional and where I really believe in the music. I was getting frustrated that some gigs were only available to signed bands, so I started Invultuated Records to stand behind the bands I am in, and those of any other group with great music and need of assistance. I have 4 bands signed, and a distribution deal with a 5th. I approached Dave with the idea of Torment-Id signing up. We have a contract for the recording and distribution of the nearly ready EP and we will be looking forward to doing a full-length album real soon.

8. How about 2010 what can be expected from Torment Id i.e. tours, future releases of any kind?

Beast: We are always looking for gigs to play and spread the tormented words of Torment Id. We do have a couple of big shows lined up, one in Oct at a Metal Festival. We are also slotted to play the Long Beach Metal Fest in September. Should be brutal! Other than that, maybe a West Coast tour and a Mid-West tour whichever comes first! They’ll come later this year, beginning of next. We’re also working on a full length album.

9. You guys are from California which locations would you say are the "hot spots" like the best places to hang out or even play shows?

Beast: I liked playing the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana. They have a really nice sound system. Also The Blvd in Boyle Heights, as well as The Rhythm Lounge in Long Beach - especially that place. Huge stage, great sound for lots of folks!

10. Torment Id tends to play black metal meets death metal when it comes to musical ability why did you want to go in this direction out of all of the other genres available?

Beast: For me, I like both, the brutality of Death Metal and the irresistible evil of Black Metal. It is a new genre that started about 2-3 years ago. It’s called Blackened Death Metal. Basically, Black Metal with Death Metal overtones, and Death Metal with Black Metal overtones. It was an amalgam of the two.

Slade: Dave, (Beast), loves black metal, I love trash and death metal, so I want to infuse our music with thrash and death. That's why I am happy with Satan and Legion; both because we wrote them as a band and because they show our next evolutionary step in songwriting. I actually believe these songs are Black Thrash. My term, patent pending!!!

11. This is for your guitarist Beast - how long does it take for you to get all dolled up put all of your black metal make-up and gear on i.e. spiked goodies etc.

Beast: Yeah....that takes on average about a half an hour to put on. It also depends on how hot or cold it is. The spiked armor, takes about 5 minutes to throw is quite comfortable you know. Made it all myself....just don’t try and hug me!

12. What is the ultimate band you would want to play with?

Joey: Decapitated.

Slade: Morbid Angel or Cannibal Corpse!!!!

Beast: Dark Funeral.

13. Where do you see yourself in ten years? What do you want to achieve?

Joey: Being the best Death Metal vocalist to ever live.

Slade: I would like to be running a respected label and gigging enough to not have to have a regular job. Returning to music after a 6 year hiatus, I realize that my age it's an achievement to be in several gigging bands that can draw a crowd. So, I am good.

Beast: Still playing Blackened Death Metal! Real loud! I’d like to do a couple of world tours. Europe, South America, Asia.....

14. What would be "your last words" before you died?

Beast: WHAT?! Are you fuckin kiddin me?! Did that just happen?!

Joey: Fuck Your God!

Slade: I did it my way.

15. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Beast: The music we play all has stories. Behind all the screams, growls, and blearing amps, there is a story in every song. You may not understand what is being said at the time, but, if you read the lyrics, it’ll all make sense......or will it?!

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