Exodus’ Cloud Nine Experience

If you weren’t lucky enough to grab a spot at the revamped Key Club of Hollywood, California then perhaps you had grabbed that certain spot somewhere else as in…. the online world? Yes you heard right, thrash metal titans Exodus had decided to celebrate the release of their ninth studio release “Exhibit B: The Human Condition”, to the online world having their Hollywood showcase being webcasted throughout the whole world, while the rest were able to enjoy their almighty set-up up close and personal.


But earlier that same night some other titans of metal had erupted the stage with its mighty presents, starting off the night was some local go getters known as All God’s Kill who brought out the best in everybody with their “In your face” attitude with aggressive side splitting edges of aggression it kept the music constantly flowing never wanting to miss a beat. Whereas the rest of the rooster of that night tended to fall flat on certain aspects not really embracing the crowd’s existence for that matter like Bonded by Blood managed to entertain the crowd highly but their stage performance was kept on a repeating loop as it were.


After these performances were all said and over with, Exodus embraced the stage dishing out a solid long hour and a half set list that comprised of such songs as "Bonded By Blood", "A Lesson In Violence", "War Is My Shepherd", "The Toxic Waltz", and newer tunes "Hammer and Life", "Downfall", "Democide", and "Good Riddance", among other classer tunes that kept the crowd energetic all around. Exodus performance tactics were hard and heavy never letting their fans down for a minute.

When it was all said and over with Exodus had delivered a strong but extensive set-up that lasted well into the night, never wanting to quit.

Set List:

1. The Ballad of Leonard and Charles
2. Beyond the Pale
3. Iconoclasm
4. Piranha
5. Blacklist
6. A Lesson In Violence
7. Hammer and Life
8. Fabulous Disaster
9. Downfall
10. War Is My Shepherd
11. Strike Of The Beast
12. Bonded By Blood
13. The Toxic Waltz
14. Good Riddance

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