High $tatus Talks of Summer Fest, Music, and More!

Heavy urban enthusiasts HIGH $TATUS have their debut album out, with pure encouragement on them releasing more music, performing live and enjoying doing this as their art. This band talks of the fest they are taking part in and what is ahead for them.

1. So how did you get involved with being a part of the "Bloody News Online Fest: Insane Summer Gathering 2021"?

We heard about Bloody News before, a friend of ours recommended us to the organizer and we thought that it would be awesome to be part of Insane Summer Gathering 2021 lineup.

2. To those who may not be familiar with your band, can you give us a brief summary?

We love metal music. We love hardcore music. We love EDM music. We love hip hop and trap music. We love everything that sounds heavy. That being said, we combined all these genres and made High $tatus.

3. How would you describe your style?

We call it ‘Hardcore Trap’ but that doesn’t mean it’s actually only hardcore and trap. If heavy music and urban music had a baby, that would be High $tatus.

4. What have you release so far and how can someone find your material online?

We released our debut album called “Make Room for the King”. You can blast it on every major streaming platform like Spotify, YouTube, iTunes etc.

5. Why should someone buy your works?

Releasing music and performing live involve costs which are difficult to be supported. Buying an artist’s work means in the first place financial support but also encouragement. If you enjoy our art, buy it.

6. How would you say you differ from other bands and artists on the scene?

Our music reflects our personality. Sometimes we like to write goofy songs and sometimes we like to be serious. We like to `make experiments` and not stick to the same sound. 

7. What do you want to achieve as a band?

We want people to lose their minds to our songs. Just like we do.

8. What does this next year have in-store for you guys?

Next year we will release some sweet music. Stay tuned!

9. Where can the fans and new comers find out more about you?

People can follow us on Instagram @highstatusgang and Facebook High $tatus.

10. Can you describe your band in just three words?

The sexiest band in town!

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