Angelspit Releases New Song and Video for "Don't Say"

"Don’t Say" is directed and shot by Angelspit during lockdown. Featuring CRT glitch distortion from The Liar (Videopunks) plus guest appearances from Angelspit’s Patreon supporters.

"Lockdown and social distancing has forced us to re-think the way we record albums, play gigs and shoot videos. I shot this alone in my studio, while Angelspit supporters contributed footage. The video starts comfortably disturbing, but soon decays into a paranoid-fueled glitch meltdown. The Liar and I wanted to create a "watch-VCR-and-go-insane" video, in which views are overcome by the constant bombardment of disinformation and benign distractions." - Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit.

Videos for all 14 tracks from "The Ignorance Cartel" will be available on a limited addition VHS tape - released through TheBasementLabs and Black Pill Red Pill, December 20, 2020.

Check out the video right HERE.

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