Slayer’s Night 2 at The Forum Would Be A Sold Out Case That Lasts a Lifetime in Los Angeles

Forty years is a long time to be together, and for thrash metal act such as Slayer, forty is just about as close as these guys got, within their music careers as what else musicians! Night 1 of their final tour took place during a back to back night event, happening November 29th 2019, it close to selling out but not quite. Whereas the final night, or night 2 was completely sold out come November 30th 2019. The Forum being the place to go out in Inglewood, California in the Los Angeles County area, where nothing but the word SLAYER was shouted throughout the entirety of this cold night’s evening…..

Fans alike were at this venue, some even being there as early as 2PM. While others filed in close to show time about 5PM, when the doors were opened wide and fans piled into the venue, filling up all the spaces available both on the floor and seats up top! An hour later the openers would hit the stage, being Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals, where they would do yet another night of a tribute to Pantera, dedicating it to Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrel, and the bands performing this night as well. Their setlist changing things up a bit though, as the band would play "A New Level", having played "Walk", the previous night. Other Pantera tracks and hits played included such as "I'm Broken", "This Love", and "Fucking Hostile", to name off the lot that fans went nuts over! Might there be an add-on that the track called "Becoming", being played twice, well somewhat the band started the track then restarted the track to get a better response from the crowd of on lookers. Their set doing quite well, that everyone in ear and eye shot dug what was being played.

Up next was the band Ministry whose industrial ways kept the crowd entertained yet calm. The band giving way lots of energy and angst throughout their set, everyone just was into their set taking it all in really. Loads of lighting effects took place, with even groovier backdrops that made the whole appeal of Ministry that more gripping.

For it would be Primus that would keep that calm pace of the crowd, keeping it really effective through and through. The band's music being done with vocals but most instrumentals for the most part, their set being lengthy yet enlightening at times. The music kept pace with itself, keeping all who was present just together with the beats and tones playing off one another.

Lastly for the night would be none other than Slayer, having a whole different introduction than the night before. As the lights lit up, showcasing the darkened stage with the side panel screen's playing a recording of fans shouting a lot of Slayer's namesake, along with wishing the band a happy time of retirement as this is what this final tour was all about. That video wrapping up after a couple of minutes with a countdown, counting down it all til the end, as the band would go into the intro track and start off with "South Of Heaven", just as they had done the night before. The following track being "Repentless", with numerous other tracks like "World Painted Blood", "Stain of Mind", ""When Stillness Comes", and the fan favorites like "Raining Blood", and "Angel of Death", being the closer of the night. An extensive set list consisting of 20 tracks, per each of the final night's, each one being slightly varied with it's track listing, kept the fans on the final night truly excited. Fans would be crowd surfing, tossing tshirts and other appeal up into the air, while the mosh pit would go into circular motion for the entire night’s lifetime, fans were pleased with what was happening surely enough.

Overall Slayer would end the night having themselves take a snap shot together, giving one another a hug or two, then having the entire crew come together for some more snap shot pictures, waving goodbye to the fans, that had been there since the beginning of the band's career, down to the many who were there from different time points, to the rest being completely new altogether. No matter which it may be, Slayer would be an act that has made a staple for themselves, and will easily be one to go down in history, if having not done so already.…


1. Delusions of Saviour (Partial)
2. South of Heaven
3. Repentless
4. Postmortem
5. World Painted Blood
6. Hate Worldwide
7. War Ensemble
8. Stain of Mind
9. Disciple
10. When the Stillness Comes (Clean intro was skipped)
11. Born of Fire
12. Payback
13. Seasons in the Abyss
14. Jesus Saves
15. Chemical Warfare
16. Hell Awaits
17. Dead Skin Mask
18. Show No Mercy
19. Raining Blood
20. Mandatory Suicide
21. Angel of Death

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