Metal Will Top the Charts in 2017!

Metal as a genre, doesn't really get enough respect, as it should. It's always the genre that most people know about it, but then don't know much about if at all. We all know the typical metal based acts, Metallica, Motorhead, Megadeth, among others such as Anthrax, Slayer, Testament, more of the older acts, than the modern acts. So when it comes to metal as a whole, and any act, in any of the genres out there, black metal, death metal, hardcore, screamo, thrash metal, etc. No one knows of the acts from these genres of the metal genre, because metal music can't get noticed as it should

But in this case, it will, when it comes to the Billboard Top 100 or even 200 list, tons of genres, ranging from bands, artists, numerous projects, get that recognition, and so for this year, 2017, metal would be involved, and everyone would know some of the acts, that are well known, and not known. 2016 saw some hits  upon that Billboard Top chart, and 2017 there will be a whole lot more available. Not sure of whom, or which act to be checking out within the metal genre realm, then go have a look right HERE.

That is where you can find, what 2017 will hold up for metal acts, among others in the music scene. Metal is here and it will get noticed, by those who want to hear about it, and those who may not want to hear about it. It's a genre that needs to be respected than get disrespected or in a lot of cases, get scared of, because it won't harm you, it will entertain you. It's a genre that offers a variety of aspects to it, and while it may be heavy and dirty in some instances, it is a genre that is available for everyone to hear and to enjoy.

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