URBANGARDE Finds Rooftop Religion in "Akumade Akuma" Video

The devil always wins in URBANGARDE’s view of a sick society, and the “trauma techno-pop” Japanese band gives fans a ringside seat to the battle of desire vs. purity in their new music video for the upcoming single “Akumade Akuma”.

Shot on a rainy Tokyo rooftop, singer Yoko Hamasaki returns to the twisted religious imagery of URBANGARDE’s 2010 album Kizu Darake No Maria to act out her conflicting inner selves, finally resolving once and for all band leader Temma Matsunaga’s statement that “We’re all devils to the very end.”

URBANGARDE - "Akuma des Akuma" music video

URBANGARDE uses their characteristic wordplay for the video's YouTube release, substituting “Akuma des Akuma” to give the song a new triple-meaning using the implied French and Japanese “des/desu”. The single, due for release January 4, 2017, will come with a variety of bonuses at local Japanese retailers, including:

Tower Records bonus:
DVD “Gasmask Party”
Complete video of the 60-min-long “Gasmask Party”, a frantic live show from last December’s Showa 90 tour where all performers and audience had to wear gas masks.

Village Vanguard bonus:
Reading CD “School Girl Trauma”
Live CD of the reading performance of the poetry photo book “School Girl Trauma” (released this summer) at Asagaya LOFT-A.

Akumade Akuma
Rel. 1/4/2017

Regular Edition
1. Akumade Akuma
2. Tenshi ni Shiyagare
3. Akumade Akuma (Instrumental)
4. Tenshi ni Shiyagare (Instrumental)

Limited Edition
1. Akumade Akuma
2. Tenshi ni Shiyagare
1. Akumade Akuma (Music Video)
2. Akumade Akuma (Dance Video)
3. Femme Fata Fantasy (Music Video)
4. Live Performance from Utsu Fes @ TSUTAYA O-EAST
- Onepiece Shinjuu
- Kuchibiru Democracy
- Femme Fata Fantasy
- Shinjuku Mon Amour
- Hako Otoko ni Kike
- Daihakai Koukyougaku / Tokai no Alice
- Yameru Idol

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