GLOBAL Audition by TOP Japanese producer TETSUYA KOMURO for a NEW GIRLS GROUP!

A top Japanese producer Testuya Komuro, with the CD sales record of 170 million copies, returns to full-on producing in 2016.

“Far Eastern wind” is a new girl group being created in Japan and Asia that will be active throughout the world. Through these auditions, we hope to discover potential members of this group.

Because this aims to be an international dance and vocal group that sings and operates in Japanese, English, and other Asian languages, we are seeking applications from girls aged 10 to 15 located throughout the world.

“We are waiting for lots of applications from young, talented, and pure girls who can burst forth from Asia to the world,” said an enthusiastic Tetsuya Komuro about his audition. “I will work my hardest as a producer, so let’s make this happen together.”

Those who pass the audition will make their major debut in 2017, with Tetsuya Komuro producing.

Artists will sign with Avex, one of Japan’s biggest entertainment companies, and be provided with world-class song and dance lessons, as well as language lessons in English and other foreign languages.

More and more artists are emerging from Asia to be active throughout the world. Take on this challenge right now!

July 15 to August 14, 2016
※please see further details on the application on below site.

“Far Eastern wind Audition produced by Tetsuya Komuro”

Message from Tetsuya Komuro

Tetsuya Komuro production work
- Def Will / Lovely Day

- globe / 「Remode 1 digest disc1」

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