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"Wrong & Right", the debut song and single from Arizona go getters, Farewell, My Love, and what drew me towards their visual music and theatrical image at that time, being 2011, the band would then go on to release a debut EP "A Dance You Forget" (2011), that would lead to them, getting signed, with Standby Records, releasing another EP "Mirror Mirror" (2013), debut full-length album "Gold Tattoos" (2013), as well as another EP "Wrapped Up In Pinstripes" (2014).

But that's not all the band has been through, started out way back then, they began with one and the first vocalist, Caleb Harbin who was featured on the band's first set of releases the "Wrong & Right" single and EP "A Dance You Won't Forget". On the next set of releases "Mirror Mirror" and "Gold Tattoos" the band went and got another vocalist, their second being Ryan Howell, while their last release, "Wrapped Up In Pinstripes" featured yet a third vocalist, being their drummer since the start, Chad Kowal.

How does this rotation of vocalist for the band play out? Well with a number of releases already under their belts as it were, it showcased the band growing as musicians, and having their style grow as well, it stuck to their theatrical musical approach, look, and feel, quite well, on all these releases. But that would all change, in the future, when the band left Standby Records, to pursue their band independently, as they once did way back from the start. Going on to creating their own record label, CRCL Records. This label, paving the way for more activity, including the writing and recording of their sophomore album "Above It All" and follow-up release to 2013's debut album "Gold Tattoos", and second release to feature Chad Kowal as vocalist. Who has done his time as vocalist when the band hit the road, not that long ago, so perhaps his style does suit the band better, since he has been here since the very beginning well.....

His vocal chords on the EP release "Wrapped Up In Pinstripes", was done quite well, quite well indeed, but will they continue to succeed, where past vocalists did not do so well? Well when it came down to this band, one of their vocalists did always do the job, which would be their first vocalist Caleb Harbin, his voice, really suited the band so well, with the style they pursued. When the transition happened and vocalists came in and out of the picture, their style remained, but the vocalist vibe just didn't suit the band as well, as it had, until they got to Chad Kowal to fill in and do his role for the part. Which brings us to their latest and sophomore release "Above It All".

The album has already release not one, but three singles and videos in the case of "Crazy", "Burn Out the Night", and "Never Stop". These songs alone, set up the album somewhat, having "Crazy" showcase that vibe of the theatrical aspect, the band has always kept a grasp upon, while the other two, walk away from this just a tad, this album is as the band has described as a more diverse album, it's one of those, that you can listen to and there's a song on it, for everyone, of any particular style of music, or in this case, fan, whether it'd be since the start, to recent, to brand new, this album, will capture you in some format, that you will enjoy the experience at hand here.

As for the rest of the album, it opens up with "Welcome to the Beginning", very suttle.....which leads right into one of the singles made videos of "Burn Out the Night", that goes into another single made video, "Crazy", while it does possess that formula that's the theatrical aspect, this song as well as "Maybe I", are more of the "pop rock" tracks on this album. Having that upbeat, yet catchy tone, that keeps you bobbing your head to the beat of the music, the instruments and vocal chords, working well together. Next up comes "Inside a Nightmare", a track that somewhat returns to the debut EP "A Dance You Won't Forget" (2011), having this song being similar to that of "Portraits" off that EP release. It's as the band puts it, "It's very fast, and it's like if "Portraits" was on crack." "You're like being stuck on a nightmare that repeats itself again and again".

"Make Believe" has a style in comparison to that of Papa Roach meets Avenged Sevenfold. It's very rock driven, having the music just being there, as it were, that about it really. Returning to the past is quite present here, somewhat said previously, having "Last Goodbye", being the same formula as "Skip the Memories Part 1", yes there is a part 1, of this track that was first included on the follow-up EP "Mirror Mirror" (2013). That's what you get when listening to "Last Goodbye", which believe it not, keeps the memories moving right along, as it leads right into the sequel of "Skip the Memories" with "Skip the Memories Part 2", being the heaviest and most lyrical context song, the band has ever written in their musical careers. It may not sound exactly as part 1, but it is pretty close, and is a deeper look into the "Skip the Memories" song series, perhaps? Who knows, maybe it will lead to yet another part, continuing the memories....

"Above It All", the title track and "Don't Wait for Me", are guess you can say, the forgotten tracks, as the rest of this album, sticks out like no tomorrow. While these tracks are presented, enjoyable, but quickly forgotten. Don't get me wrong, they are decent sounding tracks, very catching, but they are surely songs that you may end up missing, along listening to this album, as the other tracks tend to pull you in, just a tad more, rather than these do.

Now "Hit Or Miss", turns out to be, believe it or not, a ballad track. Yes that's right a ballad track, does it fall along the lines of ballads that came before it, from acts dating back to way back when? Well, yes and no, it layers itself with that method, but this a more modern day ballad, that keeps the music fresh and alive, but keeps the formula of the traditional ballads well aware of their existence. It's a track that stays with you, and become's one you will not miss or forget. "Never Stop", the third single made video, and "Who Are You?", wraps up the album, having it conclude itself on a rather decent note of material.

While their old material, will always have a holding place for me, and their debut EP and first vocalist, be one, to my liking, as far as their style goes, on this album, compared to their old releases, this sophomore album, "Above It All", is like the old material, in a number of ways, while it may not have the same vocalist as back then, Chad Kowal, gets the job done, and it shows rather well, on this album. The music is solid, catchy, upbeat, and fits well with what the band, has always done with their music, the theatrical aspect, may still linger, just a bit, but this approach is more appealing to the ear, and approaches you on another wave link, with its musical drive.

All in all, Farewell, My Love has come a long way, since the start, of way back when, up until this point and time, in their timeline, musical careers, and so much more, that is in-store for them, and in the making, these guys have got a decent looking discography as it were, and with this sophomore album "Above It All". It is just that, it goes "Above It All", to being one of the most anticipated releases, as well as most diverse albums, this scene has heard in a long while.

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