Star Darling's Dolls Grants Our Every Wish with Sparkles and Brightness

 Everyone by now has probably heard the name Star Darlings or Disney's Star Darlings am I right? If not, you have heard it now, this is Disney's Star Darlings a brand from Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media , as well as Jakks Pacific, that was previewed at this year's 2015 edition of Disney D23 Expo, out in Anaheim, California at its convention center. Anyway this new series centers around a series of characters that were first introduced through its book series both physical and digital copies, which later expanded into more books and other merchandise, appeal, apps, and toys! Thus the Star Darlings dolls of course were also previewed at this convention, as well as everything else mentioned, but the dolls themselves were out of this galaxy!

The story itself goes like this, the Star Darlings takes this group of 12 girls, who have dreamed of granting wishes to others whether those wishes be made by birthday candles, tossing coins into a fountain, dandelion pedals to shooting stars, any types of wishes that can be made these girls can make it happen, hence why it's their secret mission to come to our world, known as Earth by many but by them as Wishworld, to help power their planet back to life! If the wishes are not fulfilled then they will be stuck on Wishworld forever and ever and ever!

To start off, the first set of characters you will meet and get to fly off with will be Sage, Scarlet, Leona, Libby and Vega, as said there will be 12 girls in all. These first five are the core characters of the story, as the others will follow through as their stories soar across the starry sky. The Star Darlings was created by Ahmet Shana Muldoon Zappa as well as Barry Waldo a former VP of Mattel, who all began developing this brand aimed at girls ages 9 to 12 only four years ago. That said, the dolls themselves are out of sight! The five girls, Sage, Scarlet, Leona, Libby and Vega each have their own box, with detailed input about each character, but the boxes themselves are actually the same boxes showcased at the Disney D23 Expo, as opposed to the release done by Disney Store and Justice retailer stores, who have another version of the boxes.

In any case, either boxed doll is in itself, just starmazing! Each of the dolls, come with their own school ID card and ring as far as the accessories. It should be noted that these versions of the dolls with these boxes do not come with stands. If you want the doll stands then you have to pick up the dolls with the boxes from the Disney Store or Justice store retailers. Those stands do light up, each having their own color tone to each individual doll, and even has its own fun shape crafted out of the stand itself for each of the dolls to stand upon.

The dolls though are just so well made. The eyes are those glass looking inset eyes, that just sparkle, speaking of which, these dolls are covered with sparkles, glitter upon the face, their hair, outfits, they are just straight out of the galaxy! The hair is filled with tinsel that shimmers in the light, each of the girls hair having the tinsel that goes with their color scheme. Each girl is believe it or not represented by a zodiac sign, Vega (Virgo), Leona (Leo), Scarlet (Scorpio), Libby (Libra), and Sage (Sagittarius), if you didn't know there are 12 zodiac signs, hence the 12 girls, each one having their own unique color. As well as them having their own different, unique, personality that goes along with their sign of course.

Also, each one of the girls is a talented musician, Leona (vocals), Scarlet (drums), Sage (guitarist), Vega (bass) and Libby (keyboardist/guitarist), so with their theme song "Wish Now", already being a success as it were, a soundtrack is sure to follow in the future, if not possible a full fledge tour!

The other characters are Tessa (Taurus), Astra (Aries), Cassie (Cancer), Piper (Pisces), Adora (Aquarius), Clover (Capricorn), and Gemma (Gemini). Each of these other characters will of course have their own books, in the book series, as well as their own dolls, just as the others. Besides the basic line featuring the characters in their known style, other dolls will follow, with more fashions, accessories and so much more.

It's also said that currently a web series showcasing the girls in animation CGI form, is streaming online, with a movie to follow suit. Expect these girls to shoot right out of the starry sky, and right into our hearts, as they have already been flying off the web and in-stores, these will surly hands down be a successor by Disney and company.

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