Johnny B. Morbid - Fall of the Cicada

Two years have come and gone, since then, so has the music so to speak. "Welcome To Die", was the previous full-length by Johnny B. Morbid, the act that can take such genres as; black metal, pop punk, power metal, and punk, from the iconic New Jersey punk scene, to create a follow-up so interesting it goes by the name of "Fall of the Cicada". A 10-track release that captures a whole another direction and approach to the music entirely. Instrumentals and vocals are present, except there more laid back, faster, and embrace a dramatic effect. Like take for instance tracks like "True Believer", and "Before I Fade", these two capture that laid back dramatic effect spot on. Whereas "Crucifiction", "Exile", "Fear Itself", and "In The Unknown" are more "out there" like stand out more than the other tracks offered. The vocals and instruments working more intense and raw sounding than just faster and dramatic, these really go there, expressing that intensity that is there. "Fall of the Cicada" is a solid piece of work, it provides what the previous release had, except this time around it's more powerful and effective, showcasing something more, that could come of it, perhaps it's already there, we just can't hear enough of it.

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