Die To Exist - Maybe We Should Fail

Die To Exists takes metalcore to a whole another level when it comes down to their debut EP "Maybe We Should Fail". The release contains most notable track "The Blackest Dark" which the band was giving away for free throughout the month of August.

But the song itself pretty much sets up what the rest would sound like, fast guitars, heavy duty drum work, violent vocal chords, with flawless lyrical content that makes each of these songs more interesting than the last. Like take "All Trick, No Treat", and "Three Minutes Of Fame", these two create their own source of musical beats being just as heavy as what was presented on "The Blackest Dark", but they develop a more unique twist in being more mellow but edgy.

Die To Exist has got something solid but smooth and surly more shall come once their debut full-length see's the light of day.

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