Chomp Chomp Attack - How Do You Like Me Now

Canadian metal titans Chomp Chomp Attack have unleashed their debut EP entitled "How Do You Like Me Now" consisting of 6-tracks one of which is the title track that lead them to stardom fame while another "From Dreams To Reality" is another one hit wonder to be. Either way this act unlike any other has seen the misfortune of loosing band members and getting brand new ones' hence what happened recently. But that didn't stop the fan base from being brought down or the band from letting them down.

Since the fans mean so much to Chomp Chomp Attack they went ahead and decided to release their entire EP for free on YouTube! As far as the tunes go they are simply "rad" guitars with fast pulsing energy, drum work is superb, while vocals are downright raw and aggressive with such power it's unbelievable. If growls and screams to the resemblance to that of Escape The Fate, Get Scared, Asking Alexandria, and Falling In Reverse then these vocal chords are right up your alley.

You really cannot go wrong when listening in, it's chalk full of goodies and musical talent written all over it it's enjoyable time and time again. Fans of one's mentioned above and others Attack Attack, The Word Alive, Blessthefall, among others will fall head over heels in-love.

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