Monster High's Scaris City Of Fright!

At this year's San Diego Comic Con Mattel's Monster High showcased a wide variety of new items coming in next year. One of these products was from a line known as "Scaris City Of Fright".

Scaris City Of Fright
This set consist of 9 different characters; Frankie, Clawdeen, Draculaura, Rochelle, Deuce, Ghoulia, and 2 all new ghouls Skelita Calaveras  and Jinafire Long. Word has it that another new ghoul Catrine DeMew may also be brought into this line and this whole set may be turned into a new CGI special as other previous Monster High specials.

Scaris Doll Assortment
All in all this new line will bring the new characters and old one's with new outfits, accessories, and much more goodies just who knows what more will be brought forth.

Skelita Calaveras
Jinafire Long

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