Blind Witness has given word on their Facebook page about the band's last show ever and their departure....

"Hi everyone,

It is with great sadness that we inform you that the BW ship has sailed to its end. We decided to end this instead of keeping the band as a part time occupation. Over the last few years we’ve had some amazing times touring, but our hearts and souls just weren’t in the band like they once were. After endless discussions, with Max especially, we realized that it was in the best interest of the band to now let it go.

A year ago, Max decided to go back to school to become a teacher; he’s enjoying it a lot, and is devoted to it with his entire body and soul. To keep playing shows and making new music was, along with being back in school, a lot of pressure. As that decision went on, the whole band chemistry began to fade. We all found steady jobs, and actually began enjoying our new lifestyles. Speaking for myself, I can say that I’ve started to develop other passions outside of music, and surprisingly, I am involved and happy in this whole new situation. As time passed, the band became a part-time job, one that was regrettably becoming neglected.

One thing I know for sure is that we’ve promised you a new record, and> > since I don’t want to disappoint any of our fans, we will be releasing a 4 song EP in the near future (real promise here buddies).

The music scene ebbs and flows, and I feel like it was the right time for us to retire. However, we place all of our hopes and beliefs in the new, emerging generation of artists to keep the metal scene alive, during one of the biggest crisis’s the music world has seen in a long time.

Over the last 6 years, we had some of the best times of our lives doing what we loved the most! We’ve played shows around the world and made some amazing friends. 2 weeks ago, reading the breakup letter from our friends in Dead and Divine, I realized a lot of things. One of those was that a band will bring you through all levels of happiness. As one of the only original BW members left, I can testify that starting a band, organizing your own DIY tour, making no money, while living every second with so much passion and devotion, is probably the best part of being in a band. Real fun is when passion is all that matters. Now, it seems like all there is left to it is business. You get to a point where you realize that you aren’t doing it for the right reasons, and that you forgot that initial excitement of starting a band! To shake hands with your first fan, sign your first t-shirt, and start realizing people are showing up to shows to actually see your band playing, to hear your music, because they actually love the songs that you’ve build up with your creativity and passion, THAT is the one irreplaceable feeling that no money or fame could buy.

No words would actually be strong and true enough to express how grateful we are for all the support of every single one of our fans!

I would also like to thank everyone who has played in Blind witness, especially the original line up, which most you, our fans, probably never heard of. They helped more than I can explain. So, P-L, Kevin, Sam, and Max, thanks for the best times of our lives!
Also, thank you to Nick, Miguel, Sonny, Tim, Eric and Jon.
Oli, Frank and Nick, you arrived on late, but you guys still helped to build awesome memories, so thank you all.

Thank you to the one person that got Blind Witness this far, one of the kindest and most devoted people I know, Dave Boucher. Thanks for believing in us since day one.

And again, thank to you guys, our fans, who made us who we are! Without you, none of this would have been possible! You guys are the best!!

With that said, I am pleased to announce that we will do one last tour out West for our fans in western Canada, which we haven’t visited often enough! The tour will run from June 30th to July 16th. We will be posting the dates on our Facebook page really soon, so stay tuned! Come hang out like its 2007!


Finally, the biggest announcement is for our wonderful fans in the province of Quebec! We will be playing our last show ever in Montreal, on one of the biggest heavy metal festival of the year, tabarnak!
We will be playing one last time, AUGUST 12th, at Parc Jean Drapeau, on the mighty HEAVY MTL festival!!! On the Slipknot day! I could not be happier to be on stage one last time with my all-time favorite band.


Jon, Max, Eric,

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